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Orinoquia, Volumen 13, Número 2, p. 84, 2009. ISSN electrónico 2011-2629. ISSN impreso 0121-3709.

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Classifying research groups in the Orinoquia region: the objective is not just to get there but rather in staying there

The results of the recent research group classification during the past Colciencias meeting for such purpose in 2008 revealed a significant increase in institutional research capacity, rising from 2 to 11 groups recognised by the Universidad de los Llanos and another 10 belonging to other institutions.

Such positive result reflects the dynamics, efforts and persistence which investigators have put into their research for more than 5 years now; however, this fact must not be taken in a triumphalism manner, as what is really important is not just getting there but being able to keep on staying there.

Achieving such objective is not easy, since a joint effort must be made at institutional, entrepreneurial/company and state levels in terms of maintaining conditions leading to better classification in the future. Training human resources in high academic level institutions, modernising laboratories’ physical infrastructure, as well as their equipment, and improving connectivity to scientific information networks are all indispensable for such an end.

Only by complying with the aforementioned conditions can the gap between scientific and technological backwardness become reduced regarding other regions of the country. Orinoquia‘s management team and its editorial committee thus wish to make the journal readily available for research groups so that they can make their results visible, thereby contributing towards consolidating true research communities committed to regional and national development

Agustín Góngora Orjuela

M.V.MSc. Dr. Sci.

Editor Revista Colombiana de Orinoquia.





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